Did you notice how wonderful is sharing? Share experiences, warmth, emotions and even new discoveries .. Even though every woman wants to be unique, there comes a time, when your heart is overflowing with good things, knowledge, experiences, and no longer are you satisfied to keep this emotion and understanding to yourself alone, you feel the need to share your fulfilling excitement with everyone around you …

I am at this breaking point and cannot keep it to myself no more. Today, I found a way to be with you in all my experiences through “Lily Butiq” jewellery. I share with you my many years cherished sense of style, a passion for beauty and art, unrelinguished urge to travel and explore, and most important, my courage to be noticed as I am. This jewelry has all from the world put into one single piece of art which you, the bold and the brave woman, can wear proudly. You are successful, you conquer the attention of many, you are strong, and at the same time you are emotional, sensual and caring. Your are the essence of life. You are the Woman.

These exclusive designs of silver jewellery catch all of the above and more. I believe that you will find familiar and favorite styles that you long dreamed of, but could not find, and those pieces which will challenge you to wear them and get to know yourselve better.

Welcome to my world … the beauty of Lily Butiq jewellery.